SBCF & Cie. is an independent corporate finance consultancy firm providing consulting services on Mergers & Acquisitions projects (M&A), such as the sale / purchase and divestment / acquisition of shareholdings. SBCF serves a broad customer base including midcap and privately owned companies as well as the subsidiaries of German and international corporations.

SBCF's services cover a comprehensive range of consultancy requirements during the entire life cycle of a company, such as competitive growth and expansion, restructuring the shareholdership and settlement of succession. All its staff possess a high degree of expertise gained from professional project experience acquired during domestic and international M&A transactions, providing direct access to a vast network of financial and strategic investors and financial institutions worldwide.

The added value that SBCF provides comes from extensive professional process know-how during all phases of M&A transactions based on practical experience and theoretical knowledge, giving it the expertise to act as an intermediary between domestic company owners and international cross-border-oriented investors.


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