Internal, but also external factors can make restructuring efforts necessary. Potential measures can include a redesign of organizational structures, modifications of the capital structure or a change in the strategic focus with respect to products and markets. These measures may be caused by an unfavorable ratio of equity to debt, difficult competitive situations over a longer period of time or fundamental technological changes. SBCF & Cie. offers its services to companies in stable as well as in critical situations.

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Approaches of value enhancement range from an adjustment of the previous corporate strategy to a redesign of internal processes and structures, as well as the disposal of non-core business units (subsidiaries of parts of the company) or acquisitions in order to stabilize or refocus the business. The acquisition of new shareholders (and thereby new equity) may be appropriate in cases where a stabilization of the financial basis is needed.

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Value enhancement as part of reorganization measures lead to better organizational structures and an improved marketability with respect to potential M&A-transactions.