In order to reach the goal of value creation, it is necessary to identify opportunities and risks, as well as design the right sequence of investment decisions with respect to an optimized management of property portfolios. In this context, a professional real estate management can contribute to added value by providing optimized structures and processes. Increasing demand for office space as a result of corporate growth, as well as mergers and acquisition resulting in headquarter changes could ask for an adjustment of the property strategy previously pursued.

Business Activities

SBCF & Cie. offers a broad range of real estate services:

supervision, structuring and execution of buy- as well as sell-side mandates

single and portfolio investments

ndividual service modules (such as due diligence) can be integrated into client processes

The spectrum of service offered includes all typical asset classes such as premises for offices, retail, industry, logistics, hotels as well as residential purposes.

Individual Services – Modules

SBCF & Cie. offers an integrated project approach from A to Z as part of its real estate service bundle. The management of portfolio or single transactions within a structured process requires not only the development of a promising long-term strategy, but also

  • a realistic valuation of assets or portfolios. In combination with a
  • concept for individual buy- or sell-strategies, taking into account current trends and developments,
  • target group oriented real estate marketing will lead to the professional acquisition of investors;
  • furthermore, the development of suitable financing concepts as part of an optimized corporate finance approach and finally
  • due diligence process will guarantee the elimination of transaction risks.


SBCF & Cie. and its investment team offer long-term experience in the fields of mergers & acquisition, private equity and real estate, as well access to an international network of financing partners. Our proven and tested expertise, market knowledge and excellent corporate finance know-how is being combined by our real estate industry experience and tailored to the specific requirements of real estate transactions in order to gain the highest possible level of transaction reliability. The modular, process-oriented consulting approach offers an individual and customer-oriented adjustment of the respective services.

SBCF & Cie. has access to complementary real estate services through exclusive partners in all relevant disciplines: legal, tax, engineering services as well as access to capital and financing.

Real Estate Investment Team Network & Partnerships