Given some of the most dynamic market conditions in history, it is counterproductive to try securing the future by following outdated rules and conservative business approaches instead of accepting the laws of flexibility, such as expansion and growth based on the following company purchase alternatives:

  • Purchase of companies in existing or new market segments
  • Purchase of companies in existing or new market areas
  • Growth of equity base by bringing in additional shareholders

To secure market position, it is necessary to reach a critical mass, which, for privately owned midcap companies, usually represents a tremendous challenge. In particular, innovative manufacturers of high-end products and services "Made in Germany" are exposed to enormous international competitive pressure, which enhances the importance of cooperation with other companies through strategic alliances, to purchase companies in existing or new market areas and segments or to involve new shareholders to strengthen the equity base.

SBCF is in a position to offer comprehensive support in these situations and to provide consultancy services such as an analysis of the "status quo", evaluation of potential acquisition opportunities as well as all-inclusive support during the entire purchase process.