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M&A is a strategic option during certain stages of a company's life cycle. The sale or purchase of a company or shares in a company is complex, with no basic pattern to follow due to the high degree of diversity of each company. In general, however, projects start with a company evaluation, followed by the identification, evaluation and contacting of potential partners, and ends with sale or purchase contract negotiations with the investing or selling party. The accomplishment of these tasks is multi-layered and time-consuming and can easily extend beyond normal daily workloads, especially those of midcap company owners. Therefore, professional support helps to avoid project delays and minimizes the risk of project failure.

The sale and purchase of companies has become one of the most important socioeconomic issues within the midcap company segment in Germany due to the large number of succession problems. In addition, the current market situation requires more strategic measures to be taken to secure the future of companies, especially to strengthen their competitive positions by extending equity bases through the involvement of additional shareholders and by setting up strategic alliances with peers.

Depending on the stage of a company’s life cycle, the sale and purchase of a company can be subject to Expansion & Growth up to Succession Settlement requirements.

Expansion Succession Settlement

SBCF & Cie. follows a modular, process-oriented consulting approach that combines analytical, evaluation-mathematical , negotiation-strategical and financial engineering disciplines.

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SBCF & Cie. | micro & small enterprises (MSE) is tailored to serving the unique needs of micro and small-sized companies, while delivering the sophisticated services, global perspective and broad resources of SBCF & Cie.

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