Upon initial consent, SBCF & Cie. and its customer endorse a project procedure that takes into consideration the strategic interests of both the customer and SBCF & Cie, which are then incorporated into a detailed contract mandate that pays due regard to the following principles:

  • Exclusivity towards the customer: SBCF acts as an exclusive adviser either on behalf of the seller or the purchaser, never representing both parties.
  • Exclusivity towards SBCF: Its business approach requires exclusive retention by its customers in order to limit the risk of an "uncontrolled" M&A process due to a clash of interests among different M&A advisers.
  • Managing the project: SBCF manages the whole M&A process, largely relieving its clients of any additional responsibilities beyond their normal daily workloads.
  • Mandate, cost and schedule: SBCF's consultancy services are based on a clearly determined fee agreement, which, together with a schedule of the estimated time for the project, represents a major component of the mandate.